Learning From The Past

Some people spend a lot of time thinking and talking about their pasts. It seems like most people either spend their conversations on “the good old days” of remembering a happier time in their lives (or) reflecting or complaining about decisions they did or didn’t make. We often hear people blaming others for their suffering or their circumstances in life and making claims that this is why they are who they are today. Many people don’t get beyond their pasts. If you take the time to listen to people, you’ll hear that many, many people talk about their pasts most of the time.

I try not to look back that much these days. I spent YEARS doing that, agonizing over decisions I’d made or hadn’t made, regretting this or that and doing a whole lot of writing of both poetry and music in the meantime. I’ve learned that thinking too much about the past is not a helpful way to live if you’re looking for personal growth and change and exciting adventures in your life. In fact, it’s a barrier to moving on to bigger and better things!

Poetry and writing songs have always been an outlet of ‘therapy’ for me. I always felt better when I had all my feelings down in writing or in a song. Sometimes, I’d just “imagine” a feeling and write about it. I started writing poetry at age 9 and songs (both music and lyrics) at age 12. These outlets of expression were growing periods for me. I learned a lot over the years through my music and poetry.

Since I am about walking in love and not dwelling on the past, I debated whether or not to post some of my songs and poetry on my website as I don’t want to make anyone depressed! But then I remembered what a dear soul, Nancy, taught me about feelings and how they are an important part of who we are; that they are to be dealt with and there is usefulness in working through these feelings to move oneself into a better place.

So, in the interest of loving others, I am and will continue to post some of my old poetry and lyrics on my website. As I publish some of this old stuff on Helium.com, I will try to write the year that I wrote it. I won’t publish everything but you get the idea.

What do you have to learn from your past? Are you stuck in blaming someone for how your life is now? Are you feeling sad and angry at yourself that you didn’t make a different decision in life? Are you still angry with someone who hurt you? Whatever it is, try to find a way to express it, with the intention of letting it all go as a learning process. Feel good about letting it out and even better about what is to come!

Letting Go

Letting go of our worries and anxieties isn’t always an easy thing to do. Yet, the more we try to hang on to something or someone, the more resistance is created to attracting what we really want. I am learning to focus on what I want as opposed to what I don’t want, but some days it can be challenging. My journey has led me to a place where I find that I am now more conscious of the moments when I slip back into those old habits of doubt and fear of the unknown. Being conscious allows me to step back and remind myself to let it all go.

It’s really about trust and faith and a knowing that what you want is there–you just have to let it go, give it to God, your Creator or Source or whatever your Higher Power is and trust that it will be taken care of and all that you desire will show up. I heard a metaphor once about a trying to hold onto a beautiful butterfly. Excuse me for not remembering who it came from, although it may be Marianne Williamson or Wayne Dyer. It goes something like this–Imagine a beautiful butterfly that comes to rest in the palm of your hand. If you stay still and peaceful and don’t grab it, but keep your hands open wide, making it free to fly away at any given moment, you can admire and appreciate its beauty for a long time. It may stay there on your hand forever and you can experience the beauty of it forever. But if you try to grab it with your hand so that you can control it and take it with you on your terms, you will destroy it as you’ll crush it and it will die. Trying to control your relationships or situations is like trying to grab a butterfly with your bare hands.

Today I got upset for a little bit about someone in my life very dear to me, but I quickly reminded myself to let it all go, being grateful for that which is and has been and for what still is to come. There is great peace and wisdom in letting go. In Marianne Williamson’s CDs called “Meditations for a Miraculous Life” she talks about lifting that person or situation that is troubling you up with your hands and giving it all to God. I find that this meditation is a very useful visualization technique for me and always leaves me with a sense of peace, knowing that I am letting it go and giving it to God.

Why not try this the next time you find yourself worried about anything or anyone? The more you resist something or someone with your thoughts and emotions, the more it persists, so letting go and letting God take over takes a tremendous burden off of yourself. You’ll feel better, more peaceful and more peace and love will flow towards you each day. Trust your faith and knowing that all will be great by staying in an emotional state of gratitude and love, letting go of all negative reactions and emotions.

Gratitude and The Little Things

This morning I was in such a rush to get to work, but had to stop by the grocery store to pick up 2 items. Of course, because I was focused on not being late, I found myself behind several slow-moving cars before I got to the store. A year ago, I probably would have gotten all irritated and negative. But this time, I realized how much and how far I’d grown…I remembered to breathe and think about how grateful I am to have a car that gets me to and from work.

When I arrived at the grocery store, the place was crowded. A parking space right in front “opened up” for me. I told God “thank you” and continued into the store. After picking up my items, I looked around for an open check-out and there was none to be found. Rather than get all impatient, I told myself, “Thank you for the abundance in my life to be able to buy these things” and then decided not to go to the express lane as the line was very long. Instead, I chose checkout number 10, where there were only two people ahead of me. Much to my surprise, the man in front of me offered to let me go ahead of him as I only “had two items!” I told him “Thank you” and went ahead of him.

During the checkout process, the cashier made a mistake, which caused her to have to void some of the items and another minute passed before I could pay. I stayed incredibly calm and noticed my demeanor because I know that in the past, I would have been a bit irritated inside as I was in a hurry. But I smiled and realized how much better it was to stay positive–that my world is not the center of the universe, only the center of my universe—and that who knows what kind of day the woman was having?…She smiled and gave me my change and I was on my way.

Walking out of the store in a hurry, but with a smile inside of me and thoughts of gratefulness that life is so much more enjoyable and livable if we wear it with a smile, an elderly gentleman was pushing a shopping cart in front of my path. As I slowed down my pace, he completely stopped and told me ever so amicably to “go ahead.” I smiled and said “Thank you.”

The rest of the day was set by my mood and behavior this morning. Although I was extremely busy and could have been stressed out, I remained in a state of gratitude, laughter and joy and found myself laughing out loud several times throughout the day.

All of this was made possible by remaining in a state of gratitude–for EVERYTHING that shows up in my day. It’s the little remembrances of gratefulness in a day that add up to a larger joy in one’s life. It takes practice, but I smile with such satisfaction and wonder how simple it all really is. The more I stay in this state, even over the little things in life, the more windows of opportunities and moments of kindness are returned to me.


This time of year is extremely busy for me in my work. This week in particular can be a challenge to remaining positive. Sometimes it seems as if there is no time to breathe! And that’s exactly what I need to do each and every time I get that feeling of stress.

It is much easier to “breathe” these days, especially when I remember a day years ago when I was laid off from work for 6 months, unable to find a job in my area of the country because of the economy there, availability of jobs and I was so overqualified… full of worries about supporting my children and paying the bills, thinking that this was the worst thing that ever happened to me…I didn’t “breathe” very well back then.

I found a job 1,000 miles away and it all worked out in the end. I made it much more difficult than it had to be though and how much easier it would have been had I been better at breathing back then! I know that this was all a part of the learning process so I’ve now learned to step back, stop and remember to B-R-E-A-T-H-E when I am stressed out from work these days. Even if it’s only for a few minutes, I close my eyes and take a few deep breaths, clearing my mind and remaining in a state of gratitude.

So this week, I am filling my lungs with lots of oxygen and saying “thank you” for my job, for the work that I have so much of, for the financial abundance that continues to flow into my life, for the opportunities that it brings me, for the people who cross my path and enter my life, reminding me to breathe, for the people who force me to breathe, and for my lungs that I am able to breathe! Thank you! It makes my day so much easier. I suggest you try it the next time you feel that stress level rising.

Coping and memories of my mother

My mother is suffering from dementia and has recently had a significant change in her memory. It feels like Altzheimer’s and soon she will be re-evaluated for an updated diagnosis. Staying positive, rested and calm about the changes I see happening in her sometimes take their toll. Yet I am thankful for the memories of earlier times, when I could have a regular conversation with her, for the times when we fought over silly things, for the “issues” I used to say my mom and I had toward each other, for her messiness which used to drive me crazy, for all of my life when she had a sharp mind and good health…. I am so grateful that I let go of these “issues” I thought I had with my mom sometime after my father died six years ago and worked on just loving her and accepting her for who she is.

Now it all seems so trivial–those arguments, the way I used to complain that she laid a ‘guilt trip’ on me, the frustration I used to have with her reluctance in expressing an opinion…Being in a state of love has helped me cope with watching her slip away from me. I am grateful that she still knows me and my kids, though sometimes gets a bit confused. There’s a lot to be grateful for…the assisted living place I found for her, the abundance of financial resource planning she did that allows her to afford this care, her physical health, the comfort of family and friends who love her and care about her…Thank you, God, for my mother. I will always be grateful she is my mom and I do not take for granted not even one single day. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all felt that way about each other and each day?

Take the time to make amends with estranged people in your life. You will be doing yourself favor and you’ll find that all that love and forgiveness will come back to you ten-fold. Imagine a world filled with love and acceptance. Imagine how wonderful and blissful that would be! We all want to be loved and accepted. Try approaching everyone you meet today with love and acceptance. It’s contagious and it will grow on you!

Why The Name?

I’m the Spirited Strider, here for the first time ever posting in a blog as I share with you my journey on the path of life. I have been practicing the law of attraction, the power of prayer, the power of positive thinking and meditation for awhile now and this past year really dove into a more serious study of all of the above. Having read and watched “The Secret,” I decided to begin reading some of the authors associated with it. Each new book has led me to a different author or experience or person entering my life. I was already a big fan of Wayne Dyer’s work prior to discovering “The Secret,” and had the honor of hearing him talk about his newest book (just now released) on the Tao and personally met him at the end of his presentation. A bonus of that day was also hearing Marianne Williamson speak and meeting her, also.

I love to write, and have had so many wonderful things happen to me as I see the universe bringing people and places and circumstances to my world at a rapid pace. There have been many “moments” since I first starting “intending” or trying to manifest my world as I know it is, but I didn’t write them down. It seems as if things are happening quite quickly now, so I’m grateful and blessed to discover blogging as my method of journaling my walk with Spirit. “Spirited Strider” represents my walk forward into the wonderful world that the universe is opening for me, with no looking back, no regrets and an undying faith that I know in my gut and the deepest depths of my soul that it’s all on its way.