In Honor of His Memory: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” Speech

In loving memory of this great man, I’m posting his “I Have A Dream” speech in its entirety. I hope you’ll take the time out to sit back and be inspired by his message.

Practice Makes Perfect

Recently I was listening to an Abraham-Hicks recording on one of my favorite on-line radio stations, Hayhouse Radio. As usual, I find these recordings extremely inspirational and thought-provoking and this day was no exception. In the recording, a woman was talking to Esther Hicks about the difficulty she was having in changing her behaviors, habits and thoughts. Abraham suggested that this was because she had a lot of practice of the old ideas.

As is the case when we are trying to develop new behaviors and thoughts, we often find that it is difficult to break from our old patterns and habits. This can be particularly challenging when we are in a relationship with someone. We get used to each other’s ways, our form of speech, our idiosyncrasies, and our feelings. We can react emotionally over the simplest of things, particularly with our partner. Our “buttons” can be pushed easily, and sometimes when no words are even spoken, whereas the same words or look from a stranger or co-worker would not even bother us.

So why is this so? For one thing, we have a lot of history of emotional practice! Our practice may not only come from our current relationship, but from past relationships as well, so we’re really experts at our responses. We often hear about this as “baggage” we bring to the new relationship. In addition, we may have practiced being sensitive, defensive, angry, resentful or whatever the emotional response is for so long with our current loved one, and become used to their response that we’ve both got it down perfectly! The longer the relationship, the more practice we’ve had at it. The problem is that it isn’t really perfect at all if it is causing stress, fights, disagreements or discord, so it really does not serve us or our relationship.

So in order to change our habits, our behaviors or our way of thinking, we need to practice another way. This can prove challenging and difficult, but it really is possible if you believe you will change. A lot has been written on how to best change a habit, thought or pattern, but I’d like to suggest that you try using the basics of the law of attraction and see yourself already at your ideal end result. If you don’t know what you want, spend some time reading books on self-improvement, personal development and in learning how to meditate. Find a quiet space everyday to reflect, relax and just be close to God. I have found that just a little bit of practice at this yields tremendous benefits.

Once you have your goals in mind, then you can focus on the end result. Developing this habit everyday will lead you to people and places and circumstances that will serve you well for your dreams. You must pay attention to what comes and act on it.

You may occasionally slip into old habits, thoughts and patterns but if you follow this routine, you will find that you’ll become more self-aware of the times when you are practicing your old ways. It is then when you can make a shift to something better. The more you shift, the more progress you’ll make.

The peace that you’ll know by regular meditation will give you strength and courage to make the changes that need to be made. If your loved one comes along, that’s even better. If your loved one resists, don’t worry: it’s not up to you to change them. Hopefully, they will see your new behavior and be inspired to practice new behavior, too. If not, maybe it’s a signal that the Universe is opening up another possibility for you. Be not afraid.

It’s a wonderful journey of discovery and to happiness with yourself and others. I’m finding that although I practice everyday, it’s still not perfect for me. I’m in a better place than I was even a year ago, so this is incredibly motivating when I visualize what I know is here. I just need more practice for me to see it, so I’m practicing until it’s perfect! Will you join me in the lessons?

25 Things You Can Do To Make The World a Little Greener

Are you looking for some quick ideas on how to be more environmentally friendly this year? Here are 25 easy ways to make a positive impact on the planet, without making a noticeable impact on your wallet.

1. Replace incandescent bulbs with fluorescent bulbs in your home. If your budget is tight, consider replacing one for each paycheck. By the end of the year, you should have all of your bulbs replaced and a lower electricity bill.

2. Never collect another paper or plastic shopping bag again. Buy a cloth bag to use for smaller loads and recycle those plastic bags you already have around the house. Keep some bags by your front door, in your car, at work, or in a handbag as a reminder never to leave the house or work without your packing supplies. When you stop off to buy groceries or another item after work, you’ll be prepared.

3. Insulate your home in key areas. Add weather stripping around windows and doors. Wrap your water heater. Put plastic sheets around windows in the winter. Buy heavy drapes for windows particularly prone to drafts.

4. Consider organizing or joining a carpool to get to work or use public transportation. You’ll enjoy the company and feeling of camaraderie from a carpool that’s united in a cause and if using public transportation, get some exercise, too.

5. Use cloth products whenever possible. Use dish towels instead of paper towels, cloth napkins instead of paper and the old fashioned handkerchief instead of facial tissues.

6. Make an effort to use cloth diapers for your baby instead of plastic. If it’s a difficult concept for you, try using cloth during the day and plastic at night to start.

7. Invest in buying green cleaning supplies for your home instead of the harsh chemical products you may be used to. If you’re on a strict budget, try one new product each month and by the end of the year, you will have replaced your old products with green products.

8. When getting money from an ATM machine, choose “No” when it asks if you want a receipt. You’ll save some trees and it will help you to be more disciplined in your budget and record-keeping as you’ll get in the habit of writing it all down in a timely way.

9. Make it a goal to never throw away used clothing, toys or workable household goods again. Give them away or sell them in a garage sale on-line or consignment shop.

10. Use power-strips on all your appliances and electronics. Turn them off everyday when you leave your home.

11. Unplug your cell phone charger everyday when you leave your home with your phone.

12. Turn off the lights when you leave a room.

13. Buy solar lighting for outside areas.

14. Give gifts that are economically friendly. There are many businesses now that have thoughtful gifts, such as planting trees in someone’s name, getting rid of junk mail and environmentally friendly clothing.

15. When sending birthday or holiday cards to family and friends, send all cards electronically to those who have computer access. You will save some trees and have some extra cash to spare.

16. Review your city’s recycling rules and make sure you are not unnecessarily throwing something away. As the awareness expands on the need for recycling, the types of accepted items may also change, so it’s important to review it every year.

17. Support businesses that are environmentally friendly.

18. Create a compost in your back yard or even under your kitchen sink. There are businesses that sell composting worms for apartment dwellers.

19. Consider increasing your charitable giving this year by giving some or all to environmentally friendly causes.

20. Turn down your thermostat in the winter and up in the summer, and invest in a programmable thermostat.

21. Air dry clothes instead of using a clothes dryer.

22. Make sure laundry and dishwasher loads are full before using them.

23. Take an inventory of the chemicals you are putting on your lawn and consider looking at your lawn as a small child would. Help create a cleaner water supply by seeing the beauty in the natural “wild flowers” instead of looking at them as “weeds.” Whenever possible, use natural remedies for problem areas.

24. Urge your local, state and national government leaders to vote for natural beautification remedies and strategies for the community you live in. Become an advocate by emailing letters to key governmental officials for change.

25. Share this list with family, friends and colleagues for a greener planet Earth!

Just Got Tagged: My Band’s CD Cover


So Little Useless Information

Photo Courtesy of Clifton III at Flickr

I just got tagged by Carol at My View of “It”. I don’t always do memes, but since this one was playful and fun, I decided not to be a party pooper and participate!

It’s called The Band Meme.

Here’s how it goes. You are about to have your own band’s CD cover. Follow these directions to the letter.
Go to……

The first article title on the page is the name of your band.

The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.

The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4. Use your graphics program of choice to throw them together, and post the result as a comment in this post.

(Don’t forget to follow the Terms of Use at Flickr and provide a link back to the page at Flickr.)

My band’s name is: BLUE BOY
The title of my album is: So Little Useless Information. I didn’t use any graphics program, so my cover needs some professional work!

So let’s rock on with the music as I tag the next unsuspecting list of blogger friends.

1. Catherine at Gracefully Abnormal
2. Nina at Reader
3. Lil Mouse at The Name Was Over The Door

All Aboard! Hop On The Peace Train!

I just joined the Peace Train and I’m looking forward to the ride. The tickets are free and the train has lots of room, so please consider joining me by going to Carol’s blog below.

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