Jingle Bell Rock in July!

This is my post from Day 8 of the Boundless Living Challenge, created on the ning network by Bob Doyle. Put on your snow boots and ride along!

In the middle of Day 8 of this wonderful Boundless Living Challenge, I decided it was time get some household chores done. Having just read some inspiring posts this morning (including Bob Doyle’s entries and videos on laughing at himself), I was really in a good mood.

I don’t own a dishwasher anymore, so it’s just me and my two hands when it comes time for this chore. I have to admit that I don’t like doing the dishes. Do you? Since I’ve been using EFT more regularly this past week, it has gotten easier to “get around” to doing them regularly, and with a different attitude–a more positive one. So today, as I was washing the dishes, I suddenly burst into the song of “Jingle Bell Rock!” After a few lines, (as I didn’t really know all the words of the song), I realized what I was singing to myself, chuckled and kept singing some more. I even danced a bit as I scrubbed those glasses clean!

Now I know it isn’t winter here and we are five months away from the winter holiday time but I realized quickly that this site, the people, the vibrations within it and the creativity that is pouring out of it are truly a gift that is cause for celebration, song, dance and just plain fun—just like at Christmas time (for me). You can substitute whatever tradition or celebration that evokes the same feeling in you. “Jingle Bell Rock” came to my mind because it gives me a feeling of having fun, dancing, being playful, childlike, “mix and a-mingle in the jingling feet,”…. and we usually hear this song during a time of gift-giving, family reunions, together time with loved ones, holiday parties, and the like. So it is in that spirit of gift-giving time and singing that makes me feel really good. And that rocks with me!

I felt so good and motivated that I decided then that I would spend two straight concentrated hours on my goal, with no distractions whatsoever–An idea that was put out there by someone’s comments I read either last night or this morning. I honestly cannot remember who but it was a great idea and worked for me! Thank you!

When I went to bed last night, I had a thought come to me that I could use an existing article I had once did, modify it as necessary, and market it on Lulu.com to come up with my book actually done in the 45 days! I have to admit that I immediately thought, “Is that cheating?” but then I reminded myself that this isn’t the first time that I have had that INSPIRATION with that particular piece of work, so I must listen to it, as I haven’t yet taken INSPIRED ACTION. (I have been familiar with the site, but never did anything with it. Last night after I read LeTicia’s posts and her comments, I got the idea right before I fell asleep.) So now I’m listening, thanks to this site, the EFT, and all of you wonderful people! And I’m hearing Jingle Bell Rock!

So I will create and publish my book on Lulu.com. Yes, I will! “What a bright time, it’s the right time to rock the night away!” Perhaps my goal is changing a bit, since I won’t be writing as much new material, but not really. I prefer to use the term EVOLVING. And that rocks with me! Even if all I hear are jingle bells!

Until next time, you can find me in the horse drawn sleigh having fun! Want to ride along?

110 Ideas For A Book

(This is a copy of my blog posting from Day 7 of the 45 Day Boundless Living Challenge, in which my goal is to write a book!)

What a day! I had loads of alone time today to write. I did some journaling, until I then realized that the day was getting late and I wasn’t focusing on any book whatsoever. So instead of writing, I surfed the internet for awhile, catching up on emails and exploring ideas from other peoples’ posts here as well. (I am very good at procrastination, distractions and avoidance!)

My offline friend, Vicki P, who joined this challenge also, had sent me an email from a phone conversation that we had had right before this challenge began. That was a week ago. While she sent me the email right away, I hadn’t had a chance to look at it until today.

In her email, she threw me a link to another blog called Litemind.com where the author, Luciano Passuello, writes about using the technique of writing A List of 100 for personal and creative development. Since I have always had so many interests in my life and have many different books in my head, just waiting patiently for me to release them, I often struggle with what to do first.

So I decided to try this technique and came up with 110 things I could write about! I could have kept going, but when I found myself pausing to search for other ideas, I stopped. (I think I have enough to start!) It turns out that my procrastination and distraction was the Universe’s way of bringing this technique to my attention.

I am happy with my list, I have to say. Although it may not seem that I’m focused to some, the exercise was great for focusing on my life experiences and getting those ideas down on paper, for listing areas of expertise from the jobs I’ve had and for recording my passions in a concrete way–These are all things that I want to write about. So now I have a concrete list on paper and in my hands!

I think I’ll now tap on gaining insight, inspiration and creativity into one or more of these ideas and see what happens next.

I see a title and a topic and some actual writing coming soon!

Until next time….

P.S. I actually miscounted and I have 112 things on my list!

45 Day Boundless Living Challenge

Today is the first day of the 45 Day Boundless Living Challenge, created by Bob Doyle on the ning network. I am participating and have made a goal of writing a book in 45 days! I will be blogging about it at the site, along with 4,000+ other people who are challenging themselves on an issue they are passionate about for the next 45 days.

You can join the network by going to Boundless Living Challenge and signing up. It’s a supportive and creative community, using law of attraction and EFT techniques.

Here’s Bob’s message: