My Hometown Named Third City of Literature!

While my childhood was spent a few miles away in the small town of West Branch, most of my adult life was spent in Iowa City. I consider both places to be my hometown. Iowa City has now become the only U.S. city to be named a City of Literature! The title and honor is given by the U.N. Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The other two Cities of Literature are Edinburgh, Scotland and Melbourne, Australia. To learn more, click the link below.

Iowa City, way to go!

Iowa City named world's third City of Literature – Metro

Change You Can Be Part Of

Did you know that President-Elect Obama now has launched a website where you can get involved, tell your story, share you vision, keep up-to-date on the issues and the transition between now and inauguration day, and even apply for a job in his administration? You can sign up with your email to get on the list to join them “on remaking Washington.”

Check it out at: WWW.CHANGE.GOV

I’m loving this!

A Big Day-Get Out and Vote!

Today is a big day for citizens of the United States. Please get out there and vote! Yes, you can make a difference by your vote!

I am grateful for the opportunity to exercise my right to vote. Are you? If so, I’ll see you in line at the polls!

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