45-Day Boundless Living Challenge Starts April 16th!

I invite anyone wanting extra support for their goals to seriously consider joining Bob Doyle’s 45-Day Boundless Living Challenge #3, which starts on April 16, 2009. This will be my third time doing the challenge and it’s because of my involvement with previous challenges that I am where I am at today: with improved relationships, practicing EFT, leading a support group, pursuing photography, and attracting abundance in all areas of my life!

I recently gave my “testimony” on his BlogTalkRadio show, along with many others. You can find my 5 minute piece around the 48 minute mark. I encourage you to listen in and get inspired to take some action! Challenge #3 is going to be big! You will find many amazing people with amazing results!

If you just can’t wait to get started, sign up HERE

Whoopi Goldberg treated by TFT on The View, part 1

Around 5:26 on this video, you’ll see how the psychologist, Jill, explains how they used TFT (a form of tapping) to address Whoopi’s fear of flying. EFT was developed from TFT.

This is exciting exposure for tapping!


I have some exciting news for anyone curious about EFT, passionate about it or just willing to give it a try! On April 20th, for 9 days, there will be an EFT World Summit for 9 consecutive days. And it’s FREE. My friends at Try It On Everything have created a very exciting event!

The event is called the EFT World Summit and features some of the top minds and practitioners in the world of Emotional Freedom Techniques, such as Carol Look, Dr. Patricia Carrington, Brad Yates, Bob Doyle, Carol Tuttle…in fact, there will be over 16 instructors in all.

All these experts will gather together their combined knowledge to immerse you in the world of EFT, to help you create better emotional and physical health, prosperity, clarity, energy focus and much, much more!

Never before has a panel like this been assembled…and it may never happen again, so I’d like to encourage you to get registered right away.

Register Here Free!

We’re telling everyone we know so please feel free to share this blog post along to anyone you feel would benefit from the EFT World Summit, too.

This is a perfect time to give EFT a try!