Doing What You Love And Feeling Good

Music was always a big part of my life and I used to love to sing: yet I haven’t been singing for many years. I missed it. I used to tell “stories” about my singing and believed that I couldn’t get my voice back to how it used to be.

I realize now that I was wrong. If singing makes me happy, why not pursue it? So I recently started taking private voice lessons and joined a community choir group. It feels so good to be singing again and to hear my voice develop. I’m loving it!

What “story” from the past are you telling? Is there something that you once loved doing yet say you have no time for now? Or perhaps you always wanted to pursue something but thought you weren’t good enough, too old, not talented enough, etc. What excuse are you telling yourself and to others?

It’s time to forget about those excuses and just go for it! You will feel so much better doing what you love because you will feel good about what you’re doing!!

This video was just shared by my friend Heather on Facebook and I thought it was a good example of people singing and obviously doing what they love and having fun. The group is called Voca People and here they are singing the history of music in 3 minutes. Enjoy!