Making Love: A Daily Routine

Making Love: A Daily Routine

Aw, the title got your attention? 🙂 No, this is not a post about making love between two people, but rather a post about loving yourself, which will also improve the love in your life as well. I invite you all to take a look at my latest article, published through Triond at I thought it was interesting that they chose to categorize it under “relationships” rather than “spirituality.” But then I realized that the relationship that we have with ourselves is one of the most important relationships we have. When we love ourselves, we are better at loving others as well at receiving love. So I invite you to learn about how I daily make love by reading my article. Just click on the link above to go to to read it. I hope that it will make you smile and think of ways that you can be making love everyday, too!

A Visual Illustration of the Power of Our Thoughts

My newest favorite place to be is at Good Vibe University, where the energy is so uplifting it just raises your vibration by logging in! In one of the forum discussions, Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work came up. I had seen the brief intro to his work from the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?” For those of us who know the power of our thoughts and words, Dr. Emoto’s work is so inspiring as it illustrates visually how negative and positive thoughts have an enormous impact on water. Just imagine the possibilities if we were all to practice loving each other more frequently!

Changing My Motto-Where’s the Love for Me?

I’ve been writing on this blog and with this “Spirited Strider” handle for a few years now. It all came about as a result of a process within my own personal development and study of all kinds of materials on the power of prayer, self-help, spirituality, and the law of attraction. Through an inspired idea, I came up with the name of “Team Spirited Striders” for my fundraising group’s name for the first ever Memory Walk I did for Alzheimer’s Association research. A few days later, I created this blog, a mission statement, and a motto for myself as The Spirited Strider. That motto has been “Serving others in love, one step at a time.”

I’ve gotten lots of beautiful feedback from people these years about my service to others and had been generally happy with it. I thought this was my purpose. This blog has been about uplifting others, offering a positive point of view, and often is just silly stuff that I think bring smiles and laughter to people so that they can feel good.

Personally, I’ve gotten quite good at shifting my feelings to better-feeling thoughts and many new and exciting people, places and opportunities have arrived in my life, as I became better at aligning myself with who I truly am. My blog has served me well by making me feel good when writing here.

Yet, despite my growth in my own personal development, I find that I am still challenged by some of the things I want for myself the most. I realize that this is often the case that when we really, really want something we tend to have challenges in getting it because we are so conscious of where we are (now) vs. where we want to be (our intention), so we have a hard time truly “feeling good” about where we are and “acting as if” we’ve already achieved it. In law of attraction talk, it’s called “resistance.”

So I hesitate to spend too much time on the subject because I do believe that you attract what you keep focusing on and feeling. Anyone who sees me can see that I have some extra baggage on my physical body and that is one of the biggest things on my list of intentions that just doesn’t seem to move very fast. But wait–this post is about my motto, not my weight!

Or is it? Serving others in love, one step at a time. Hmmm….I was posed a question or thrown a food for thought (pardon the pun) by a member of Good Vibe University in response to my issues surrounding weight, who asked me if I was serving myself in this equation. What about me?, she wanted to know. Am I loving myself, one step at a time?

Wow, that hit me because I knew my answer was “No, I’m not.” Even though I’ve been a big fan of Louise Hay’s work and practice some of it often, I haven’t been paying attention to the “one step at a time” equation in my motto. I would do mirror work and then later in the day, engage in negative self-talk about my body, or feel terrible when I can hardly pull up my jeans, or feel like I’m so fat when it gets harder to climb stairs quickly…But like I said, I don’t want to focus on all of this too much…

So I know what I need to do and I’m doing it now. The first thing I’m doing is changing my motto! It’s now “Serving in love, one step at a time” and that means anyone and everyone, but especially me!

P.S. I have to give a “shout out” to “Georgeousophie” at Good Vibe University for being the spark that I needed to light the fire within me on this one! Thank you, thank you! (Good Vibe University is a beautiful creation of Good Vibe Coach, Jeannette Maw.)

Are You Having Enough Fun in Your Day?

I saw this video on my newest favorite place, Good Vibe University, from Jeannette Maw, The Good Vibe Coach. It’s a very special place. It’s in her “Vibe Lifters” section, where there are videos posted to make you feel good.

Given the choice, would you take these stairs? I know I would!

Life is supposed to be fun, don’t you think? This experiment in Stockholm will likely result in more physically fit people, too, who will be smiling and laughing and enjoying the music while they get a bit of exercise.

What do you do in your day to make it fun? I know that I often laugh at myself, particularly when I take myself too seriously! I was recently at a leadership retreat in Washington DC and had 3 days of jam-packed, back-to-back meetings, many over meals. It was information-overload, to say the least.

In one of the smaller group meetings with my fellow leaders across the country, I instantly felt a connection to the women around me. One of them is part of an improv rock band in her spare time and is a former improv comedianne in a group that travelled the U.S. (even to Fargo, North Dakota!) We were laughing a lot and I had a lot of fun! She even told me that I had what it takes to be in an improv comedy group. I was shocked when she gave me that vote of confidence, because I have always admired people who could do that, thinking that I was not one of them.

But with this woman, we instantly had a connection and even the driest of subjects became somehow the most hilarious of topics in those meetings. It spread to our entire side of the room. Looking back, it was just another example of how contagious laughter and fun are (as well as bad moods and gossip). I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be spreading joy and receiving it than bad moods and negativity. Wouldn’t you?

So what are you going to do to add some fun in your day? I’m going to dance as I do my housework today. And since it’s snowing outside, maybe I’ll just go outside later and play in it. Even if we don’t live in Stockholm to enjoy this creative experiment in the video, we can lighten up a bit and not take life too seriously. Whoever said “Act your age!” probably wasn’t having much fun at the time.

So go ahead and be silly! Find a way to add laughter into your day and savor it. You’ll be doing yourself and those around you a great favor by feeling good and spreading joy. And if you have teenage kids and they say they are “embarrassed” by your actions, I bet they’ll crack a smile when you’re not looking. 🙂 Have a great day!