No Money or Jackpot: Can You Laugh About Both?

I recently came across two videos from at the Laughter Yoga site which I shared in a forum thread with my good friends at GoodVibeUniversity.  It started a little discussion with my GVU friend, Nancy Barry-Jannson, who is absolutely an amazing woman and mentor to many.  I felt inspired to write again on my blog (after some months, you can see) after our little discussion.  In fact, I was taking a shower and listening to the latest Abraham-Hicks recording when the inspiration came to me.

From a law of attraction perspective, what we think about, comes about. To refine it further, it’s really what we FEEL about, comes about. No where is that more evident than with the subject of money.

People who try to use what they know about how the law of attraction works to manifest money often report that it’s not working for them, even when they are doing daily affirmations, visualizations or other techniques.  So what’s the catch? It’s a word called “resistance.” Resistance means that while you are saying or visualizing yourself as “I am rich. I am wealthy, I have a 7 figure income,” etc. you are not really FEELING it and BELIEVING it inside.

The feelings are really vibrations that we send out. In other words, our success is really about our energy! What kind of energy are you sending out when you practice techniques for attracting money? Let the answer to “How do I feel?” be your guide.

So if you are saying these exciting statements and that voice inside of you is answering back, “No, you’re not rich.” or  you’re getting this uneasy feeling in your body that it doesn’t feel right, you have resistance. In other words, there’s conflicting energies (I’m rich vs. No, I’m not rich!) and what usually happens is nothing, or not much!  That’s when people feel “stuck” and get frustrated that this law of attraction stuff isn’t working for them.  (When in fact, it is, as evidenced by the lack of the money showing up because that’s what they are feeling/vibrating.)

Abraham-Hicks also teaches us that we cannot be holding a high energy (joy, laughter, love) and be also holding a lower one (sadness, frustration, lack) at the same time.  I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather be feeling joy, laughter and love anytime over sadness, frustration or lack! So the point is to FEEL GOOD as much as possible. And if you can’t feel good, FEEL BETTER than how you’re currently feeling. (Sometimes that may be getting angry when you’re starting from a place of despair.)

So where does laughter fit into the picture? I ask you, “Don’t you feel good when you laugh?” I know I do!

I’d like to try an experiment here.  Watch below and see which video FEELS better for you. What emotions come up?  I would imagine that the results will vary, according to the individual and how you’re feeling about money right now.

First, the “No Money Laughter”

Second, the “Jackpot Laughter”

So if either or both of these videos serve to put you in a better feeling place about money (or just a better feeling place in general), I think they’re good, quick ways to feel good!  Once you’re feeling that joy, you can practice some new affirmations, visualizations, or other techniques and it’ll be from a place where they’re much more likely to manifest.

For me, the message behind all of this is to FEEL good, irregardless of what’s happening in your life. Or at least, find a way to FEEL BETTER. If you’re looking at the glass as half-empty, find a way to see it as half-full instead.

I’d be curious about how these videos made you feel. With laughter yoga, I find that I may feel like I’m forcing the laughter in the beginning, but usually I end up feeling really good as I see and hear other people laughing. So for me, it doesn’t really matter what the subject is, but not all peoples’ laughter generates the same feeling for me. In fact, I felt the same “silly-ness” that my GVU friend Annette wrote about how funny it is to think we carry money in our pockets–or that empty pockets mean we don’t have any money. So when I did the pocket one, I was thinking, “This IS funny! I don’t keep my money there and often don’t have pockets!” For me, the Jackpot one feels better if I personally jump up and down myself!

So try these out and let me know how they make you feel. I do hope you’ll make comments here!

For Your Entertainment In The Meantime: “Feel Good” Photos

I thought I’d post some photos in this space while I’m developing my site. While I love photography and have a pretty good camera with which to take photos, I’m finding that my Blackberry often captures moments just as nicely. So here’s a few from my weekend visit to the Bronx Zoo. The last one is my favorite, but I couldn’t hold the phone that steady as I thought he would move. It was a fun day!

As this site (and my business) is a “work in progress,” I will use this place to post pictures or videos that may serve to entertain you while I get things working around here.


Really, really hungry turtles

Friendly fella!