Inspiration vs. Motivation

Today marks my last day of blogging everyday for a month as part of the National Blogging for A Month contest. I decided to do this from a place of inspiration and was so inspired that I decided to blog on two of my blogs everyday for the month of November! I’m happy to report that I did just that. Granted, the “requirements” were that we post something–anything–everyday for a month, so each post didn’t have to be a work of art.

For me, while the idea came to me in an inspired moment to blog everyday, in actuality I found that I was not always inspired to write everyday, so I began “motivating” myself in the name of the commitment I had chosen for myself–to blog everyday for 30 days. That’s not actually very “law of attraction-like” as I was definitely not practicing the “art of allowing” in letting the ideas flow from a place within (which leads to inspiration). Instead I was pushing and trying to motivate myself to write something. And when you push against something (in my case, the deadline of not enough time), you get more of what you don’t want (not enough time).

So I would have been better off, letting go and allowing the ideas to flow on those days. To give you an idea of what I mean, here’s another way to think of it, from Abraham-Hicks, “We want you to be inspired into the Vortex, rather than outside the Vortex trying to motivate your way in.”

My blogging was sometimes done from that “motivating myself” place and it didn’t feel good on those days. Why not? Because I was trying to motivate my way into a place of inspiration (in the Vortex) instead of just feeling good and relaxed, to “allow” the inspirational ideas in.

So now I’ll go back to my “blogging when I feel like it” mode and just be happy!

Joy on the Basketball Court

With the basketball season underway, I’m reminded of the story of Jason McElwain, also known as J-Mac for short. I find his passion very inspiring and the support from his teammates, coaches and the crowd very uplifting! Now THIS is how we can move mountains, when we celebrate truly from our hearts the success of another! It’s joy on the basketball court! Woo hoo!

The Abundance Book

All things whatsoever ye pray and ask for, believe that ye have received them and ye shall have them– Mark 11:12

While this quote is from the Bible, I’m putting it in this blog post because it’s one of the many Biblical references used in a book I’m reading called “The Abundance Book” by John Randolph Price. I love to read and find that my interactions with people tend to lead me to the next book I’m reading. I first learned about this book from Nancy Barry-Jansson while connecting on GoodVibeUniversity. The book has many powerful insights.

If you are a interested in the law of attraction and attracting abundance into your life, this book may be for you! I wanted to write about it because I believe there’s some deep material in it that will say much of what is already said about attracting abundance into your life, but from yet another perspective. The book comes with a CD called The 40-day Prosperity Plan that accompanies the book. I haven’t tried it yet, but I soon will! I plan to blog along as I do, too.

So stay tuned…!

Appreciating What Is and Loving It for Change

So many teachers remind us of the importance of love and being loving if we want to better the world and ourselves.

Here are a few:

“Step number one for changing the entire world, is falling in love with it as it already is. The same is true for changing yourself.”
Mike Dooley

“Be the change you want to see in the world. “

“The only way to have a friend is to be one.”  
Ralph Waldo Emerson

How are you seeing the world you’re in right now? And what words do you use to describe yourself in all of it?

If you want more friends, be a friend to someone. If you’re wanting more abundance, start appreciating the abundance that is already in your life and give generously, without expectation of a return. When you operate in a state of love, joy and appreciation, you cannot help but attract more joy and love in your life.

So what kind of change are you seeking to see in the world? What kinds of changes do you want to make in yourself? Find that place in love and joy by appreciating what is (both in the world and in yourself) on a regular basis and you’ll see your life change.

The Exam with Mr. Bean

This is a funny video from Mr. Bean. I find him really hilarious.

I’m dedicating this video of Mr. Bean to all students who are taking a break for Thanksgiving vacation, but who probably have some studying to do for exams that will await them when they return to campus. Take a break and enjoy the humorous side of the nervous endeavor of taking an exam and wondering if you studied the right thing!

“Intending” in General Terms

The last two days, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing both Wayne Dyer and Mike Dooley speak here in New York on separate occasions. Both of them spoke about manifesting. I will write more at another time, but wanted to share with you something that Mike Dooley spoke about tonight and also recommends in his newest book, “Manifesting Change: It Couldn’t Be Easier.”

Mike’s newest book involves a matrix he’s developed to guide us in setting our intentions, taking baby steps and just allowing the good stuff in. While I just got the book and haven’t yet read it, I have listened to his audio version of the same topic.

Many law of attraction teachers will tell you to get very clear about what it is you want.  Mike suggests we get more general. Without getting into a big review here tonight (as it’s late and I have 35 minutes to write two blog posts as part of my “blogging every day on 2 blogs for the month of November!”), suffice it to say that this really resonates with me. 

When we get more general and focus on HAPPINESS, and then take baby steps in putting ourselves out there to be open to what shows up, the Universe will find ways to bring happiness in ALL areas of our lives. So while vision boards and specific clarity can be good things to get into that feeling of happiness, if we become attached to those things, it can put a wrinkle in what the Universe has lined up for us. In other words, use your vision boards on specific things to get into the feeling place of what the consequences of happiness will bring, but don’t insist on that specific car, house, job, relationship, etc. Remain detached to HOW it will show up.

For law of attraction fans, what do you think? I personally love it! I think it’s a useful tool, particularly when it’s about something we really have been desiring and it hasn’t shown up yet (which can magnify our absence of it in the form of resistance).  So focus on feeling good and on what makes you happy!

Here’s my pic with Mike! It was a happy occasion!  🙂

Welcome Back

With Thanksgiving coming up here in the U.S., many people have probably started traveling or are preparing to receive loved ones soon. I saw this video tonight that was made by T-Mobile in Heathrow airport in England. You’ve got to see this! Imagine coming out of international arrivals to this! It brought a smile to my face and I’m sure joy to the people who were there. I don’t know about you, but I would love this kind of “welcome” everytime I travel!