Make Everyday an Appreciation Day!

Happy Thanksgiving!  I just made some delicious banana bread that I’ll take over to a friends for Thanksgiving. While I had planned on being with family today, it didn’t work out. But rather than be sad that I won’t spend this day with my kids, I’m choosing to appreciate all things and people in my life that fill my world with joy. My kids, my friends, my family, the cats that have made my back yard their home, invitations to spend Thanksgiving at someone else’s home, the Iowa Hawkeyes, college football, my clients, other coaches who give so freely of their time and talents,  the fact that I don’t have to cook a whole lot today, the beautiful sunny sky, the fresh air, my car that is so reliable, my job, my home, and Laughter Yoga! And that’s just a short list!

EVERYDAY is an opportunity to appreciate – not just today. So let’s make everyday an appreciation day!