Love in a Fortune Cookie

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We often order Chinese food in my job and share our fortunes from the cookies with each other. It’s almost like a fun competition to see who chooses the best one. But lately, the fortune cookie sayings have been a bit negative with words of warning in them. It’s been so noticeable that we’ve joked around how we could make a lot of money writing our own uplifting lines for Chinese restaurants. 
But the Chinese place that I love that’s in my neighborhood always has really good fortunes in it. On a recent purchase, here’s the gem that was inside of my cookie: 
“To love and be loved is like feeling the sun from both sides.”  

Isn’t that lovely? Doesn’t it just feel really good? Why is that such a “feel good” fortune? Because we all know how the sun feels warm against our skin, how the energy of its light makes things grow and to feel it around us from both sides warms our hearts – just like giving and receiving love.
But we don’t have to wait to order Chinese food to come up with our own good fortunes. We can each do that ourselves by choosing our words carefully, selecting loving thoughts or by expressing beautiful affirmations that feel good. Or, we could just choose to BE love and that would do it!
What’s your “feel good” fortune for today?

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