Busy is for the Bees–Not Me!

It’s been 7 months since I last posted here. My, how time flies by! I haven’t been active here since I dedicated my time to other areas of my life during that time, and I admit that it hasn’t been easy. I’ve been busy!
In fact, I was so busy I kept telling myself and others how busy I was and guess what happened? I just got busier! 
For people that understand the power of our thoughts and feelings, it should come as no surprise that as I practiced the story of being so “busy,” I kept getting busier and busier.  For what we think, feel and speak about becomes our reality. That’s the process of creation and I wasn’t being very deliberate about it in my “busyness.”  
Suffice it to say that while I was working long hours and days and weekends during this time, I wasn’t taking care of me very well. While I was busy as a bee, I wasn’t making time for me.  So then my story became how “exhausted” I was, which led to more exhaustion! 
I reached a point of extreme contrast in this exhaustion that served me well in that I’d had enough. I got so tired of being busy that I made a conscious decision to shift my energy to better feeling thoughts and to make time for me everyday. These are things I know, practice, mentor and coach, but I let my “busyness” preoccupation get in my own way of self-care and self-love. 
So this week I am taking a break from it all to reflect and relax. I’ve been reading Teal Scott’s book, “Sculptor in the Sky” and came across this quote that served as a reaffirmation of how being busy does not serve us. She writes, “You must simply remember that constant busyness will not satisfy you. It is the reason for a good deal of suffering.” 

Intellectually and intuitively I knew this all along: I just got on a roller coaster of focusing on all the “action” of my days and nights and less on the “stillness” of the present moment. I can now reflect and appreciate the busyness for its reminder to make peace with where I am right now. Making peace and appreciating “what is” is an important practice in finding happiness and creating a space of where we want to be.

But the contrast can also be appreciated.  Teal writes,  “If there is no dirt, there is no flower.” I appreciate all those circumstances in my “busyness” that allowed me to experience new things, meet new people, and to clarify my ideal working environment. I am very appreciative of these experiences within my busy days and nights and can truly say that without the bees, there’d be no honey for me!

So let’s leave the “busyness” for the bees (and find time to appreciate that they do it so well), so that we can taste the honey sweetness of life! Find time to be still, relax, breathe, exercise, and appreciate what is happening in your life at this very moment: even if it’s not the sweetest thing right now.  There is always something, someone or some aspect in your current situation to appreciate. It’s a practice that I intend to remember the next time that “busy story” shows up on my bookshelf.

P.S. I started a new space in Google Plus called The Appreciation Station. You’re welcome to stop by and post there, and/or join to read the good vibes of others who post. Relax and rejuvenate in an energy of appreciation and joy!

Appreciating Contrast: Results from My Facebook Poll

Last month, I asked a “Question” on Facebook designed for deliberate creators. The question was this:

“The fastest way to get what we want is to appreciate where we are right now. What contrast (something you don’t want) is the most challenging for you to appreciate?”

The choices were: 

World Events

I was surprised by the “results.” Granted, only a dozen people answered my question but the responses are quite revealing: HALF of the responses said that WORLD EVENTS were the most challenging “contrast,” with HEALTH and MONEY tied with 1/4 each of the votes and RELATIONSHIPS with ZERO (0) votes! 

I personally checked HEALTH because I find it to be the most challenging for me to divert my attention from when I’m sick or my body aches. If what I hear from people or read out there is any indication of how people feel,  I was surprised that RELATIONSHIPS didn’t score any votes. MONEY is often a very common one, and I did expect that to have more votes. Of course, one could argue that what I’m “seeing” out there is a reflection of what I’m attracting, so I’m not going to elaborate on that.

Still, WORLD EVENTS coming in as the #1 most challenging? The good news is that’s easy to shift to a better feeling place.  I personally read internet stories where GOOD NEWS is reported. It helps to put a perspective on what’s really going on around the world, as opposed to the overwhelming majority of negative coverage we see, read and hear everyday in the mass media. 

Natural disasters happen and it seems like wars are always going on somewhere,  but letting that determine whether I have a good day or a challenging day is not my cup of tea!  Perhaps people are telling the story of “The economy is bad,” too. I watch that coverage from an “observer’s” point of view- IF I watch it at all!  If it doesn’t feel good, I don’t watch or tune in.  It’s all speculation and I’d rather speculate that things are improving, that there are many people thriving, that we’ve gotten out of situations like this before and we’ll do it again!

In fact, I’d suggest that people who are bothered by the contrast of world events  turn off the TV and focus on something that feels better! And if sending in your donation to provide relief for someone who is less fortunate than you feels good, be appreciative that you are feeling good, celebrate the abundance in your life that makes your donation possible and send it in! Don’t dwell on the “details” of how bad it must be for the victims. No amount of you feeling bad will improve the situation for them. In fact, law of attraction will bring more “feeling bad” to YOU if you focus too long on that! 

Unless you’re right smack in the middle of some awful world event, or you have a loved one who is, it seems to me that “World Events’ contrast” is the easiest “contrast” for deliberate creators to control. You’re not personally living it now, and you can control how much attention you give it by flipping the channel, turning off the set, and focusing on something that feels good instead.

While it doesn’t matter what I think or feel about this, I would be interested in hearing your comments. If you didn’t vote before in my “poll,” feel free to add your comment here (or) go to my Facebook page and vote. My Facebook Page  You can find the “poll” on the left by clicking on “Questions.”

Irregardless of which contrast is the most “challenging” for us individually, we all know that appreciating the contrast is a useful tool in deliberate creation. So why not appreciate that we have so many types of contrast in our lives which allow us to fine-tune our desires and expand in beautiful, exciting ways? 

Remember: With contrast comes expansion and often it takes a very creative form in our manifestations that we never before dreamed possible: if we allow it, that is.  So pay attention to your contrast and if it’s bringing you down because you’ve got the whole world on your shoulders, take that globe off! See if you can find ways to shift how you’re feeling about it by choosing something different. It may be as easy as changing the channel on the remote!