Busy is for the Bees–Not Me!

It’s been 7 months since I last posted here. My, how time flies by! I haven’t been active here since I dedicated my time to other areas of my life during that time, and I admit that it hasn’t been easy. I’ve been busy!
In fact, I was so busy I kept telling myself and others how busy I was and guess what happened? I just got busier! 
For people that understand the power of our thoughts and feelings, it should come as no surprise that as I practiced the story of being so “busy,” I kept getting busier and busier.  For what we think, feel and speak about becomes our reality. That’s the process of creation and I wasn’t being very deliberate about it in my “busyness.”  
Suffice it to say that while I was working long hours and days and weekends during this time, I wasn’t taking care of me very well. While I was busy as a bee, I wasn’t making time for me.  So then my story became how “exhausted” I was, which led to more exhaustion! 
I reached a point of extreme contrast in this exhaustion that served me well in that I’d had enough. I got so tired of being busy that I made a conscious decision to shift my energy to better feeling thoughts and to make time for me everyday. These are things I know, practice, mentor and coach, but I let my “busyness” preoccupation get in my own way of self-care and self-love. 
So this week I am taking a break from it all to reflect and relax. I’ve been reading Teal Scott’s book, “Sculptor in the Sky” and came across this quote that served as a reaffirmation of how being busy does not serve us. She writes, “You must simply remember that constant busyness will not satisfy you. It is the reason for a good deal of suffering.” 

Intellectually and intuitively I knew this all along: I just got on a roller coaster of focusing on all the “action” of my days and nights and less on the “stillness” of the present moment. I can now reflect and appreciate the busyness for its reminder to make peace with where I am right now. Making peace and appreciating “what is” is an important practice in finding happiness and creating a space of where we want to be.

But the contrast can also be appreciated.  Teal writes,  “If there is no dirt, there is no flower.” I appreciate all those circumstances in my “busyness” that allowed me to experience new things, meet new people, and to clarify my ideal working environment. I am very appreciative of these experiences within my busy days and nights and can truly say that without the bees, there’d be no honey for me!

So let’s leave the “busyness” for the bees (and find time to appreciate that they do it so well), so that we can taste the honey sweetness of life! Find time to be still, relax, breathe, exercise, and appreciate what is happening in your life at this very moment: even if it’s not the sweetest thing right now.  There is always something, someone or some aspect in your current situation to appreciate. It’s a practice that I intend to remember the next time that “busy story” shows up on my bookshelf.

P.S. I started a new space in Google Plus called The Appreciation Station. You’re welcome to stop by and post there, and/or join to read the good vibes of others who post. Relax and rejuvenate in an energy of appreciation and joy!

Your Emotional Grid

I’ve just completed another video that’s meant to be playful, fun and free.  It’s called “Your Emotional Grid,” based on Abraham-Hicks’ recent concepts of creating grids in deliberate creation. You use a grid when you want to get at the essence of what you desire, focusing on the general feeling place, not necessarily the specifics. If you get specific and it doesn’t feel good, then it’s time to go general and do some grid work.

I have been using the grid by focusing on good feelings and sitting with them. This video focused on my feelings of playful, free and beautiful. Those were the feelings I had when making it, so that’s my story today and I’m sticking to it! 🙂

When we get into a good feeling place, that’s the time to “milk it!”  Using Abraham-Hicks’ concept and practice of focusing on pure thought in increments of 17 seconds for faster manifesting,  this video was intended as a tool to be used to get in that good feeling place everyday, 17 seconds at a time.

Hope you enJOY it and use it a lot! 🙂

Your Emotional Grid

Seeing 1, 11, 111 and 1111: Messages from Angels

In Doreen Virtues’ Angel Numbers 101 book, she writes, “Since angels give you guidance with respect to every area of your life, as your read the meaning of number sequences, notice your inner dialogue, as well as your thoughts, visions and feelings, because this is how your angels personalize their messages. So while you’re absorbing the general meaning of a number sequence, your angels will whisper exactly how that message applies to you.”

For well over two years now, I have been seeing the numbers 1, 11, 111, and 1111 consistently. I’ve also seen the same sequences with 2’s, 3’s and 4’s, but more 1 combinations than anything else. It has gotten to be so regular that I now say to myself “Of course!” and smile.

All of this prompted me to buy Doreen’s book from which I referenced in the above paragraph. I recently created a Pinterest board with the statement “I am,” based on what I’ve studied and learned about the power of “I am” statements and more recently, what Wayne Dyer wrote about in his newest book, Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting. When I looked today at my board, I saw it had 111 followers and that was my inspiration for this post. 

According to Doreen’s book, here is what it all means:

1: “Stay positive. Everything you are thinking about right now is coming true, so be sure that you’re only thinking about what you desire. Give any fears to God and the angels.”

11: “Stay positive! Your thoughts are materializing rapidly, so you want to ensure positive outcomes by focusing only on the good within yourself, others and this situation.” 

111: “This number brings you the urgent message that your thoughts are manifesting instantly, so keep your mind-set focused on your desires. Give any fearful thoughts to Heaven for transmutation.” 

1111: She says to break it up into sequences, so it could be 1 and 111 (or) 11 and 11. Either way, it works for me!

I get these “1” variation messages almost daily and sometimes more than once a day. I now use it as a reminder to do a “check” with what I’m thinking and vibrating and to focus positively on my desires, dropping all my fears and doubts and letting a hot air balloon take them away to Heaven. It’s a nice image for me that helps me focus.

Even if you don’t “believe” in these message or in the angels, I like to think that the reminder is a good one to creating a life of your dreams. And guess what? There are days in my world when instant manifestation DOES occur! I think about something and less than 5 minutes later, there’s a message, a phone call, an unexpected visit, an unexpected letter, or the conversation turns to that subject (not initiated by me). And I smile, thanking my angels for the reminder to keep my thoughts in check.

So I ask you today what are you creating? What are you thinking and feeling? Are you paying attention to your thoughts and feelings? I am! I invite you to join me in creating an “I am” board on Pinterest. It’s a wonderful way to visualize and remind ourselves of staying positively focused on our dreams. To learn more about the power of “I am” statements, check out my “I am” store on the tab above in this blog. Who knows – maybe you’ll begin seeing all sorts of variations of the number 1, too!

And I as wrap this post up, I look up to save it and my computer reads: 11:11 PM! What else?

When Things Suck: A Glimpse Into “Allowing” A Break-Up

I know we’ve all had times in our lives when we feel as if things “suck.” I’m actually going through that now as it pertains to my relationship with someone I love very much. We have apparently broken up. I say “apparently,” because I’m still feeling shocked by it all and in disbelief. We had a great relationship. We always had so much fun! We loved each other passionately, joyfully, playfully and the feelings were alive. We could be who we are, without judgment, and allow each other the freedom to be ourselves and love, play, laugh and live life well! That was how I felt about “us.” This is how God (or Source) sees each and everyone of us everyday. 

Yet we’re human, and neither of us is seeing each other as God would see us right now and I’m certainly not seeing myself as Source sees me. When things don’t go the way we want them to in a relationship, (which recently happened in our case), it’s easy to place blame, point fingers at the other person, throw out accusations about how the other person didn’t act the way you wanted them to act, and judge. We judge our partner and each other. We judge ourselves. That is not a loving place to be in, yet why do we continually do this to ourselves? Why do we set ourselves up for disappointment by making what our partner does or doesn’t do, says or doesn’t say, the object of our happiness?– Can someone say “attachment” anyone?

We set ourselves up for disappointment by buying into that “ideal relationship” that many parts of society paint (or at least the part of our head or heart that imagines the ‘ideal’ relationship) and what happens? –The other person always disappoints. They disappoint because we can’t control other people: we can only control ourselves. They disappoint because we are different individuals who see and feel things in our own unique ways.

No one person is like you in every way! If I were involved with a guy who was exactly the same as me, I’d probably get bored really fast! So why would I expect someone else to act, be and approach the world in the same way as me? I don’t. Yet, in relationships with a partner, we often do expect the other person to react the same as we would!

Differences can be a good thing: they keep us growing, expanding and exploring this beautiful world in which we live. So if you’re complaining that your partner doesn’t see things your way, be glad that you’ve got someone in your life who contributes to your personal growth expansion by providing you with another point of view! I’m very appreciative of this man in my life:  he has enriched my life in so many ways, and often because of our differences.

Yet appreciating those differences can be a challenge during a “break-up,” “a fight” or otherwise while not understanding each other so well. It’s the differences in how we react to day-to-day things that often start disagreements and arguments in relationships. When that happens, things can really suck! We can spiral into a series of accusations, judgments, arguments and may use hurtful words. Then we run off to talk to our best friend and re-tell the story, over and over again, igniting the fire of the hurt, blame, judgment and sadness feelings even more. Now we’re really on a downward spiral, because we keep telling the story over and over again. And if you’re not one to talk to others, you probably have re-told the story over and over again in your mind, so your heart definitely feels it.

I’m reminded now of my all-time favorite quote from Abraham-Hicks: “My happiness depends upon me, so you’re off the hook!” I love that quote and I know in my soul that it’s true. I am in charge of my own happiness. I get to choose. I choose to appreciate this contrast (the break-up that I don’t want) and use this situation to align with my inner being and have the best year yet!

Yet right now, my relationship with the one that I love very much sucks. Yes, it sucks! It sucks because I disappointed him, and then he disappointed me and now it apparently is over.  You see? We both bought into that “You have to do ________(Fill in the blanks) to make me happy” mentality. In fact, because I didn’t do ________, he wasn’t happy with me and because he didn’t respond to me like __________, after I explained why I didn’t do _________ when he wanted me to ________,  I wasn’t happy with him.

See how ridiculously funny this is? Haha! Seeing it as a “fill in the blank” exercise illustrates just how silly we are to think we can control someone else. I can laugh about this but the truth is I miss him. I miss him because in our relationship, the love that flowed brought out the best in me: fun, caring, kind, loving, passionate, silly, playful, engaging, creative, inspiring, present and connected. That is worth appreciating.

Yet I’m not feeling that way about me right now. Can someone say “attachment” again, please? I have to “allow” me to be ME: all those qualities that our love brought up in ME. I have to allow those in again, without the NEED for the relationship. Tricky stuff.

I write this here because it feels good for me to do so (and I know that following my “feel good” is the way to aligning with my true self!) I intend that readers who are drawn to read my words will find benefit from it. While I am a person who helps others with tools and tips for living a more positive, joyful life, I am having a challenge being joyful about this break-up. It’s not what I want, so I’m determined to use the tools that I know to get myself into a “feel better” place as I go through this. I am intending that I’ll get so good at appreciating this contrast of breaking up, that I can love him and myself by “allowing” the break-up: no need, no attachment to outcome, and whether we reconcile won’t matter anymore because divine love will be what I feel and appreciate in this situation. In other words, if I see myself, him and our relationship as God or Source sees us, then I’ve paved the way to seeing us as we truly are: magnificent beings living a life that’s supposed to be fun and filled with love: with or without each other as a “couple.”

What I know will serve me is this: releasing the need for this relationship in my life, the attachment to him specifically as my “way to happiness,”  the  “need” for his love: and the more I can allow, the better I will feel! Will we get back together? Perhaps….Perhaps not…. But letting go of the attachment of our relationship as the key to my happiness IS the key to my own happiness!  I can be happy by myself, thank you!

Abraham-Hicks says that when we are so conscious of “what is” and when “what is” doesn’t feel good, it is helpful to get more generally negative about the situation to move ourselves into alignment to a better feeling place. So that’s why I’m calling this post “When Things Suck: A Glimpse Into ‘Allowing’ A Break-Up.” I’m moving my vibe more generally negative (as opposed to re-telling the specifics of what happened). So here’s my rant:

This really sucks! I hate when things suck. It sucks to feel this way. This whole situation sucks. I don’t like it at all because it sucks! Yet I’ve had other “sucky” situations before and they didn’t stay “sucky” forever. Things did get better in the past so they can get better now.  This won’t always suck. Not everything in my life sucks. In fact, many things in my life don’t suck at all! Eventually this situation will move from “sucky” to “hopeful.” I know what to do – I’ve done it before…..but right now it sucks and I’m not liking it. My future is filled with all kinds of goodies and here I sit, sad about this situation. If only I could find my way to turn this sucker around! What if I knew exactly what to do with this sucker?

LOL  Ok, that made me laugh. 🙂 There’s hope in this sucker afterall…

Imagine! Can you?

Today I’m reminded that it is John Lennon’s birthday. He would have been 71 years old. In what is one of my favorite songs, “Imagine,” John envisioned a world that lived in harmony and peace – where the world would live as one – a brotherhood of man…

Can you imagine? I know I can! What dreams are you imagining and creating? Don’t stop imagining! Imagination is such a beautiful and useful tool in deliberate creation. (And a whole lot of fun, too!)

Following My “Feel Good,” College Football, The Iowa Hawkeyes & Law of Attraction for Fans

People who know me and/or who follow me on Twitter and Facebook know that I’m a huge college football fan and that I’m crazy about my favorite team: The Iowa Hawkeyes. While I’ve written about how  I Love My Iowa Hawkeyes,  I thought it was time to address a little football here, from a law of attraction perspective.
I normally don’t pay too much attention to the news that’s on tv, radio and the newspapers, unless it feels good to me. When it comes to news on college football, however, I’m an avid regular reader of blogposts, news stories, message boards, websites and viewer of football TV shows. I have a passion for my team and love the excitement of a new season, with all the possibilities it brings.

With that said, I have noticed that lately I wasn’t feeling so good about some of the writing and press that surrounds college football. I’m sure that it isn’t just unique to college football, but since that is the sports news that I’ve been following, that’s what I’m writing about today. I write this to provide perhaps a different perspective when looking at college football: one that emphasizes the positive, appreciates the fun, and looks forward in excited anticipation (as opposed to looking back on past ‘mistakes’). I know in my soul that following your “feel good” creates more to feel good about! What you focus on, grows and what you resist, persists. So here goes…

Pre-Season Predictions: When the pre-season favorites are selected by the various media folk, coaches and fans, I have these observations:

1.  Everyone has a favorite.
2.  Most people don’t predict the teams accurately.
3.  There’s a lot of emotion wrapped up in the predictions.

From a law of attraction perspective, there are interesting analogies from these 3 statements:

1. Everyone has a favorite = setting an intention for the outcome you want.
2. Most people don’t predict the teams accurately = The intention didn’t manifest, so there was not aligning to the “feel good” about the situation and allowing the success in.
3. A lot of emotion = a lot of passion for the outcome, which means you really, really, really want your team to win. This can show up as “resistance” because all those emotions get in the way about how badly you want your team to win (e.g. disappointment, fear, worry, etc.)

Many fans will say that pre-season predictions mean nothing as there are usually so many changes from the beginning of a season to the end. Yet, pre-season predictions abound in the college football sports world: from fans, expert analysts, sportswriters, bloggers, and probably from your next door neighbor! Emotions soar, tempers rage and frustration abounds when one’s team isn’t “picked” in the pre-season favorites. Expectations rise, confidence abounds and pressure mounts when one’s team is picked to finish high. There’s a lot of emotion wrapped up in those pre-season predictions! (And I admit, I love reading who the favorites are!)

While the “experts” like to think of themselves as predicting accurately the outcomes of the games each season, I don’t think there are many (if any), who actually get it 100% “right.”  And while it’s not important to get it “right,” I do find it amusing that many “experts” get paid a lot of money to give their opinions and to provide expert analysis of the games—all for OUR entertainment.  When their predictions don’t line up with what manifests in that week, they come up with a new set of predictions (and explanations as to why it turned out the way it did).

From the way most of the sports people report, write and convey their predictions, .I bet they love their jobs! That’s great if they do, because it doesn’t matter if they get it “right,” as long as they’re happy.   Now THAT’S my idea of ideal work!

The fans are something else! Depending on where their team is picked, fans complain, rejoice, speculate, stew, argue and boast about the experts’ predictions. If it weren’t for the fans, the “experts” wouldn’t have jobs! Fans are what makes the passion in college football so sizzling hot. Fans are fun to observe and fun to be! Yet I am surprised at how many college football fans actually intend for their favorite team to fail. If you were to ask a fan of any team, “Do you want your team to fail this season?” I’m sure all would say “No!” And they would think that I’ve asked them a very silly question, too! Of course they don’t want their team to lose–that’s why they’re a fan!

But if asked how they think their team will perform this season, one finds all kinds of responses: undefeated, one or two losses, 9-2, 6-5, lucky to have a winning season, they’re “worried” about a particular game, etc. are sample responses I’ve read way too often. To all fans out there, I ask you, Where’s your faith? Where’s the expectation that your favorite team can rise above the “experts” predictions (which are usually wrong in many cases, anyway)? Do you think that the players have these same expectations? How would you feel if you knew the players on your favorite team felt the same way? It wouldn’t feel good, would it?

Does it feel good to you to consciously intend for your favorite team to fail? I bet it doesn’t! So why not intend more deliberately? It certainly will feel a lot better! And it might produce better results, too! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all have the childlike optimism about each and every game: because we know that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE? In the game of college football, anything is possible! In life, anything is possible. You get to decide what’s possible when you set your intentions for your favorite team! Does it feel good to predict your team to lose? Heck, no! BELIEVE!  All will turn out “right.” Let’s choose our emotions that feel good. Even if your team doesn’t win, you will have had fun in the process and it won’t really matter. (Because it doesn’t really matter who gets it “right,” afterall.)

I have a lot more tips, techniques and examples I could write about this (afterall, I AM passionate about college football and the law of attraction)! But in the intention of making this a blogpost, rather than a book, I’ll conclude right now, as I write from Iowa City, Iowa – home of the Iowa Hawkeyes (who are now 1-0!). I realize that my post is typical as a Hawkeye fan: optimistic, hopeful, excited about the season and loyal to my team- win or lose – but always with the excited anticipation for a new season, each Saturday, a bowl game and more! Why not? Anything is possible! Go Hawks! May the force of “feel good” be with you! 

Opportunities in The Midst of Political Chaos

Photo Courtesy of www.pdphoto.org

I spent a bit of time this past week watching the news. I usually don’t regularly watch the news anymore, as it doesn’t always feel good to me. In fact, I’d say most of the time, it doesn’t feel good: the stories of robberies, muggings, fires, and murders seem to escalate from one story to the next. Each negative “story” creates a bit of tension in my stomach, and often gives me a heavy heart. I take those reactions quite seriously as I know that energy is not good for me.

Granted, the news occasionally throws in a lighter story that might even inspire or make me giggle, but it’s often sandwiched within the 30 minutes of making even the sports’ news dramatic: with gossip, speculation, highlights of brawls and so on. And we all know how the weather report can bring us “news” of heavy storms, droughts, devastation and a long list of other possible scenarios. Yet I personally find  getting out in nature as one of the most peaceful, conscious-raising and spiritual experiences.

But “the news” doesn’t usually choose the opportunity it has to enlighten us, make us feel good, to cast the day’s stories in a positive light and to make a difference in world at the same time. Granted, it’s not their job to make us happy, as we each must make that choice ourselves. So we have a choice in whether we watch the news or not, how we choose to feel about what we watch and how we choose to react to all this negative and “alarming” vibes that are often communicated.

So this past week or so, I watched our U.S. politicians talk a lot about money, our debt ceiling issue and I saw: fighting, pushing against, accusations, pointing fingers, anger, pride, failed communication, rigidity, fear, and anxiety, to name a few things. (There were more!) It left me with a feeling of disgust and frustration. But it also reminded me that this was my opportunity to shift how I was reacting to it all and intend a world a whole lot better. After all, I know how the law of attraction works!

The world is not coming to an end as a result of all of this.  We are all still here. That’s a good thing. This is an opportunity to learn from this experience. Rather than worry about the U.S.’s new, lower credit rating and what that means, casting blame at how we got there, repeating stories of whose fault it is and creating a fear and panic about where we’re going, this is an opportunity for us to unite toward solutions that feel better. We can do that by finding things to appreciate in this situation right now.

Is there anything to appreciate in all of this? Sure there is! For those who didn’t vote the last election and to those who did, this is your opportunity to either continue to support your favorite candidate or choose someone else who is more aligned to the issues that are important to you. This is an opportunity to appreciate our democracy in so many ways: the freedom of the press, the fact that different opinions can be voiced at all publicly, and the freedom of a “checks-and-balances” system that is required before laws are passed. It’s an opportunity to appreciate our relationships (and especially when we witness such contrast as in the extreme ‘combative’ behavior by our elected officials)! This is an opportunity to cherish our present moments with each and every person who is near and dear to our hearts. There are endless ways to appreciate in all of this extreme contrast.

I don’t claim to have the answers to what you choose to appreciate or how to get to a place that feels better than this. I only know that I don’t want to get “sucked in” to the drama of what feels like endless debates in politics and on the news. So I’m turning the channel again! Besides, I can’t escape “the news.” I hear it from people around me, when I sign onto the internet, from Facebook and Twitter notifications and I don’t live in a cave! But I do choose not to internalize all of this: this is an opportunity for me to know what I really want for me, my life, my community, my country and my world.

So I’m recognizing the opportunity in this to set some “feel better” intentions on this topic: intentions of peace, harmony, prosperity, wellness, love, fairness, cooperation, hope and most of all–CHOICES. We all have a choice in this. The politicians have a choice in how they behave, interact, communicate and vote. This is our opportunity to make a different choice than the ones made leading up to this past week. I wonder if our leaders will seize this moment and see that they can start anew?  I will intend that they do!

What You Expect, You Get

Haven’t you noticed that if you expect certain outcomes about a situation or a person, than this is what you get? This works both ways: whether it’s positive or negative. (Another way to think about this is as a self-fulfilling prophecy.)

There are some situations where we just go on auto-pilot and expect a certain outcome without even thinking about what it is we are thinking about. For example, consider these negative expectations:

When it rains, it pours.
Bad luck comes in 3’s.
I’m not a lucky person. I never win anything.
I’ll believe it when I see it.

If you’re going to expect these outcomes, the Universe will deliver them. I don’t know about you, but I’m all for changing any expectations that don’t serve me.

Consider turning these negative expectations around to positive outcomes like these:

When it rains, things grow.
When “bad luck” shows up, it’s an indication for me to pay attention to what I’m feeling and vibrating so I can shift to better feeling thoughts and good things show up.
I expect to win because my life is full of abundance.
I believe and then I see it!

Spend a day and pay attention to your expectations you’re thinking, saying or feeling. Are they good things you’re expecting? Awareness is a first step. Often we don’t realize how much we expect the negative! Once you’re aware of the negative expectations, you can then make a decision to deliberately turn that around by practicing new thoughts, ideas and stories so you’ll have really fun expectations! Then watch your life change!

Got Glitches? Align Yourself!

According to Wikipedia, “a glitch is a short-lived fault in a system. It is often used to describe a transient fault that corrects itself, and is therefore difficult to troubleshoot.”

I’ve recently had a few glitches with my technology vibe. In the past, I probably would have fretted for hours and days about trying to fix it, and spent endless hours trying to figure it out. Now, I’m going with this Wikipedia definition of looking at it as a “short-lived” event that “corrects itself.”

This definition reflects what I’ve come to learn about the art of allowing, the power of intention and deliberate creation. You see, I’ve made the intention now that it won’t last long, that I can step away from it for a bit and return to it when I’m calmer (and more aligned) and it will correct itself either by working perfectly the next time or by “fixing itself” in record time. Either way, it’s relaxing and easy (and was indeed a very temporary thing).

We can practice this with any “glitch” in our life that comes up and causes temporary stress. When we experience the contrast that the glitch presents, we send out our rocket of desire (our intention). Often it is better just to step away for a bit (let the Universe handle it!) and make the decision that the answer (inspiration) will come to you later, when you’re more relaxed about it (aligned and allowing the solution in).

So I’m handing my technological glitch over the Universe for now and off to enjoy some Saturday college football!