I’m Tickled It’s Tuesday

Few Laughs Away quoteNo, it’s not yet Tuesday, but for some time now, I’ve played with words to feel good and have fun on Facebook. I take the day of the week and label it with something fun. My favorite is “Tickled Tuesdays” so I’ve decided to have my Giggle Fest & Manifest! calls on Tuesdays.

While they won’t be every Tuesday, they will always fall on a Tuesday (with the exception of any end of the year blessings call). I do these calls as part of Good Vibe University calls and if you don’t know about this community, you should check us out!  It’s a wonderful community of fellow deliberate creators created by Jeannette Maw, the Good Vibe Coach. To join in on my giggling calls or to listen to past calls, go to the “About” page or click below to take you to the TalkShoe site.

Giggle Fest & Manifest!

It’s only a half hour but guaranteed to raise your vibe. hee hee 🙂

Are You Happy?

Are you happy? Do you know it? Are you showing it? I know I am! If you’re not feeling so happy, then I challenge you to make the choice RIGHT NOW to feel happy for some moments with this song!

In the last two weeks, I’ve thought about this old children’s song, “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” It kept coming up for me, so I’ve been singing it a bit here and there and it always brings a smile to my face (and often lots of chuckles)! While the song is “allegedly” for children, I’m loving it (and do remember singing this loudly and clearly as a kid).

It’s playful, joyful, silly fun! And that means one thing to me: it’s a FEEL GOOD song that can raise us up along the emotional scale toward happiness!

So here’s my challenge: Listen to the two versions I found on YouTube and choose the one that feels like the most fun to you. If neither of them do, choose one anyway and MAKE THE CHOICE to try one anyway. Then sing along to the video and music and dance with it! Check in with yourself on how it makes you feel.

Are you feeling silly? Playful? Are you laughing? I know I am! Sometimes the simplest things can bring the greatest joy! Enjoy!

You Can Do Anything!

This weekend’s inspiration resulted in my newest video. It’s a little over 3 minutes long and designed to get you to feel good (which is really practicing the “Art of Allowing” in Abraham-Hicks language!) Hope you enjoy it!

Feel Good Now!

Today I shared a video by Andy Dooley on my Facebook page and with friends. What a great way to start and end a day, I’d say! Who doesn’t want to feel good? I know I do! If you don’t feel good after watching this video, then I’d say you’ve got a “serious” problem! (That’s another topic of one of Andy’s speeches from his Toastmaster videos on his website.)

Let Giggling Set Your Tone for the Day!

I have been at a conference since Saturday and got back last night. Suffice it to say that I was quite tired this morning. Before I left my house, I briefly glanced at my email and saw a hilarious quote from an email newsletter I subscribe to. It had me laughing and giggling out loud.  While the quote is not something I feel I can share publicly out here (it did contain a swear word),  I did share it with my colleague as we drove into work this morning. We both had a laugh-fest in my car as we made our way to work.

By the time we stopped off at a deli to pick up a morning breakfast, our good mood set the tone for all of our interactions with the people inside.  It was a busy morning there, and everyone had a smile on their face, pleasant tone in their voice and a happy attitude.  It was contagious.  While we didn’t share the quote with all those people, we did have lively, friendly and fun conversations with people inside.

So when we got to work, we were both in a great mood.  I can’t tell you how good it feels to just be happy, no matter what! And this morning was a perfect example of the law of attraction in action.

How will you set your tone for tomorrow?

It’s Sugartime!

As I was washing dishes tonight, I started to sing this song out loud. Washing dishes has never been my favorite activity, but washing dishes while I sing out loud make the experience joyful.

I remember hearing this song when I was a kid when my cousin and I used to listen to her older brothers’ records. It was always a “feel good” kind of song for me. After all, who wouldn’t want “sugar in the morning, sugar in the evening, and sugar at suppertime?” And don’t forget the honey!

It’s a bright, lively, fun song that also reminds us of being in love.

It’s “Woo Hoo” Wednesday!

Some months ago, I had an inspiration about Wednesday. How does one get inspired by this awesome day, you ask? I think it started one day on a Wednesday, as I was reading everyone’s comments on Twitter and Facebook. Lots of people were tweeting and commenting about their “hump day.” Many of the posts were pessimistic, as people were remarking about how they couldn’t wait until the weekend. Some were a bit more optimistic, looking back and being appreciative of how far they’d come already in the week.   Most were not appreciating Wednesday nor celebrating it either.

Then it hit me. Why not be excited about Wednesday because it’s Wednesday? Woo hoo! And that’s how “Woo Hoo Wednesday” began. So I tweeted it.

Then I couldn’t stop there. I felt inspired to give a phrase for every day of the week and posted it on my Facebook for an entire week later on. Here’s my list:

Special Sunday
Marvelous Monday
Tickled Tuesday (my 2nd favorite)
Woo Hoo Wednesday (my favorite)
Thriving Thursday
Fabulous Friday
Super Saturday

What new inspiring words can you use to describe a day of the week? Give yourself something to laugh about and take a moment to come up with your own list.  My list gave people something to smile about (and my Woo Hoo Wednesday even got one re-tweet) and it all prompted one of my daughters to ask me what I was doing! That made me laugh!  Silly stuff like this is good for the soul! I’d much rather have a “Tickled Tuesday” than lament about how many days there are left until the weekend starts. Wouldn’t you?

Here’s to your WOO HOO Wednesday and tomorrow’s Thriving Thursday!

Are You Having Enough Fun in Your Day?

I saw this video on my newest favorite place, Good Vibe University, from Jeannette Maw, The Good Vibe Coach. It’s a very special place. It’s in her “Vibe Lifters” section, where there are videos posted to make you feel good.

Given the choice, would you take these stairs? I know I would!

Life is supposed to be fun, don’t you think? This experiment in Stockholm will likely result in more physically fit people, too, who will be smiling and laughing and enjoying the music while they get a bit of exercise.

What do you do in your day to make it fun? I know that I often laugh at myself, particularly when I take myself too seriously! I was recently at a leadership retreat in Washington DC and had 3 days of jam-packed, back-to-back meetings, many over meals. It was information-overload, to say the least.

In one of the smaller group meetings with my fellow leaders across the country, I instantly felt a connection to the women around me. One of them is part of an improv rock band in her spare time and is a former improv comedianne in a group that travelled the U.S. (even to Fargo, North Dakota!) We were laughing a lot and I had a lot of fun! She even told me that I had what it takes to be in an improv comedy group. I was shocked when she gave me that vote of confidence, because I have always admired people who could do that, thinking that I was not one of them.

But with this woman, we instantly had a connection and even the driest of subjects became somehow the most hilarious of topics in those meetings. It spread to our entire side of the room. Looking back, it was just another example of how contagious laughter and fun are (as well as bad moods and gossip). I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be spreading joy and receiving it than bad moods and negativity. Wouldn’t you?

So what are you going to do to add some fun in your day? I’m going to dance as I do my housework today. And since it’s snowing outside, maybe I’ll just go outside later and play in it. Even if we don’t live in Stockholm to enjoy this creative experiment in the video, we can lighten up a bit and not take life too seriously. Whoever said “Act your age!” probably wasn’t having much fun at the time.

So go ahead and be silly! Find a way to add laughter into your day and savor it. You’ll be doing yourself and those around you a great favor by feeling good and spreading joy. And if you have teenage kids and they say they are “embarrassed” by your actions, I bet they’ll crack a smile when you’re not looking. 🙂 Have a great day!

Me for President?

Would you like to pretend you are running for President? I just did! A friend sent me this email, which I quickly sent on to other friends. It’s fun and really made me laugh. Enjoy!

P.S. I guess the image is no longer available–Oh, well. I wasn’t meant to be President anyway! 🙂